14 May 2012

25 FAQs for Medicare Beneficiaries, Part 4

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Also, if you joined your Medicare managed care plan within the past 12 months as your first choice when you became entitled to Medicare at age 65 and you disenroll from the Medicare managed care plan before the 12-month period has expired, you have the choice of all plans “A” through “J” that are available in your State. However, in either of these cases, you must apply for the Medigap policy within 63 days of the date your managed care coverage ends.

22.) Will I be able to go to the same doctors I?ve been using?
If you return to the Original Medicare Plan, it is very likely you will be able to continue seeing the same doctors and other providers you have seen through your current managed care plan. Most physicians participate in the Original Medicare Plan.

If you choose to enroll in a new managed care plan you may need to select a new primary care physician and begin using a new network of providers. Before making a decision, you should check with your doctor to see if he/she will be able to see you in whatever new arrangement you have chosen.

23.) What if I am receiving other services at home which need to continue after December 31, 2011, when my managed care plan leaves Medicare?

How can I receive assistance to make sure that I still get the care I need?
If you are currently receiving home health care, or are using medical equipment such as oxygen or wheelchairs, you need to call the phone number shown on your Medicare managed care plan identification card and ask for Utilization Management (UM). They will help you receive care under the

Original Medicare Plan or under a new Medicare managed care option.

If you select a new managed care plan, you should contact the new managed care plan as soon as possible and ask for the UM department. If you return to the Original Medicare Plan, you should tell your provider to bill Medicare directly after January 1, 2012.

24.) Will the Original Medicare Plan offer to pay for my prescription drugs?
Under current law, the Original Medicare Plan does not cover outpatient prescription drugs except in a few cases, like certain cancer drugs.

However, many Medicare managed care plans cover outpatient prescription drugs, up to certain limits. Check with the health plans you are considering to see if they cover prescription drugs. After September 15, 2011 you can find this information on the Medicare website.

25.) What if I have employer or union coverage?
If you join a Medicare managed care plan or private fee-for-service plan and also have employer or union coverage, you may, in some cases, still be able to use this coverage along with your Medicare health plan coverage. Talk to your benefits administrator about the rules that apply.

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