15 December 2011

Ah Well

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One thing that really bothers me is this crap about Doc having money so he shouldn’t win. Once upon a time our society rewarded hard work with honor and respect. Now, thanks to a certain group of politicians and their lemming followers, people who are rich are thought to have an unfair advantage and thus should have their money taken away and given to those people with less. Doc is playing a game. A GAME. This is not stand in a circle and hand one person some money.

A wealthy person should have every right to play and win a game as anyone else. I live in Massachusetts. This state sickens me with their taxes and crap. Taxachusetts is what people call this state. Should we reward people who work hard? Should we promote personal responsibility? No way. Let’s make sure that the lazy-asses have all their meals paid for by those who work hardest.

Doc was responding to the young people when they learned he had a Porsche. This was after saying he had a Mercedes Benz. Do you know that you can get a mid-80s Benz for $3-5000? I’d bet money that the young people were given cars that cost more than that. And yet, they look down on Doc for having one.

Doc replied, “She bought the car for my birthday. It was a surprise. She said I never would’ve bought it for myself and she’s right. I would’ve put the money in a mutual fund.”

In other words, I wouldn’t have flaunted it. I would’ve saved it for the future.

On the Survivor Insider, they showed the young people discussing why they should vote Doc off..

“Doc doesn’t need the money. He drives a Porsche…”
“And that’s only the beginning…”
“…and has a 4500 sq ft house and a pool and a hot tub. I mean, he’s very likeable, but he’s got millions of dollars. Why the F is he here?”

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