8 October 2012

Are there any Foods and over the Counter Medications Children five and Younger Should Avoid?

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I am not a nutritionist, so I do not have the answer to specific food questions. A good diet means more fruit and veggies, less meat and some good grains. Dairy products can be a cause of allergies in young children. An allergic reaction to foods may also cause sleep disturbances and behavior problems in children, too. You will know over time by watching these patterns. If you have a question about specific foods and their interaction with meds, call your doctor.

You should check out all medication with your physician before buying, especially if you have questions. A parent’s intuition is usually correct. If you are not sure how a medication will react to a symptom your child is having, do not use it.

My son is just starting sports and yet some parents are acting like these are the Olympic Games. Any advice on how to deal with them and what to say to my confused boy?

Parents are just kids in grown up bodies! The main difference is that they are role models for kids. Parents who have grown up in a family of competition are usually the ones who act out on the playing field. Win at all costs is what they believe, they don’t really get the concept of “win-win.” The win-win concept is the one where it doesn’t matter who wins as long as the game is played with integrity, courage, strength and above all-good sportsmanship!

The problem with parents acting out is that they give their child the idea that it is OK to have tantrums on the field, and that bullying is appropriate. There are thousands of kids who have low self-esteem, and low self confidence because of the cruel and painful remarkes of parents who believe that winning a game is more important than building their child’s character.

Parents who lay into a coach or a kid are often the ones whose own parents demanded “perfection” from them growing up. It is sad, but true, that the child’s parents are still tying to please their own parents, and prove to them that they are OK. Their parents may be long gone, dead and buried, but they still have a need to please them and get their approval psychologically. How better to do this than by attempting to develop perfection in the child? These parents often live their own lives vicariously through their children.

Notice how any parents put down their child in front of other players and parents. This causes great resentment that is held throughout life, and has the opposite affect of what the parent is trying to accomplish.

My advice is to tell a child who is confused, that parents who do these things and who go overboard are hurting and feel very sad inside. It is good to talk about what behaviors would be more positive and helpful on the “grid iron,” and follow through with good role modeling at home.

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