8 May 2012

Basics Part 1

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How do I know when my baby is due?

No one really knows when your baby is due, but we do know that human gestation is on average 266 days from conception or 280 days from your last menstrual period. If your periods have been regular and roughly 27-30 days from first day of bleeding one month to first day of bleeding the next month, then you may take the date of your LMP or last menstrual period, add seven days, and substract 3 months to arrive at your due date or EDC (estimated date of confinement). For example, if your last period was January 14, then you add 7 to get 21; and subtract 3 months to get October; so your due date is October 21st! If your periods were irregular before you conceived or you conceived while on the birth control pill, your doctor can determine your due date by an ultrasound as early as 7-8 weeks gestation.

I’m in my first trimester and I’ve started spotting; am I having a miscarriage?
A miscarriage is another word for a spontaneous abortion (SAB) and is defined as the loss of a pregnancy anytime from conception until 20 weeks of gestation. About 15 to 20% of all pregnancies after a positive pregnancy test end in miscarriage. There are no common activities which lead to miscarriage including exercise, sex, heavy lifting, flying, or work related stress. There are also generally no ways to avoid a miscarriage in the first trimester if one is destined to happen. (The exception would be in the rare case of repeated aborters who are known to have immune system problems which can be treated early on with anticoagulants such as aspirin and heparin.)

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