19 September 2012

Before, During and After Each Practice

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If you’re really up to observing your progress closely, try structuring your Tai Chi journal this way. Write a few paragraphs of how you feel physically and mentally before, during and after each practice. To begin with, start with some basic questions of your mental and physical conditions in the morning of the practice. How did you get up in the morning? How did you feel? Did you consciously realize any chi movement in your body? How did you approach it?

Of course it’s impossible to write during the practice, but a few minutes after it ends would be a good time to start with the second part. Write down how you feel during the practice. Were you in tuned with your chi and the nature? Were you distracted? Why? How did you re-focus afterwards? How do you feel the chi moves? Did you notice any difference in mental and physical state during the practice?

End the day by jolting down your thoughts and feelings in the evening. Recall the early morning experiences, the practice and a few hours after that. Any difference? Any mood change? Any change in stress level? After a few weeks of keeping the Tai Chi journal alive, you will notice your mental and physical improvements. You’ll notice how in tune you have become.

2. Day-to-day experiences in Tai Chi perspective

This is quite easy. Simply relate everything significant in your everyday activities with the Tai Chi philosophy and the chi movements. The ideal tone of the journal is neutral and less contemplative. Let’s say that you heard shocking news today. What was your first reaction? How was your heartbeat? Did you immediately sink your breath into the dantian?

If you didn’t, try to explain why. If you did, explain in your own terms how it was possible and how it affected your reaction.

This type of structure is quite simple to follow and very satisfying. It’s easy and it’s less demanding. Simply write in free form and try answering your own questions in Tai Chi perspective. You can use it later to see how you’ve progressed.

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