6 March 2012

Creative Cabin Fever Crafts

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Boredom is likely to have set in by this time of the winter. Try out these ideas to rekindle children’s imaginations. Most households have all kinds of recyclable craft materials such as margarine tubs, Styrofoam(tm) trays, glue and markers. Keep supplies on hand so they’re ready when your children are, and vary what’s available each day.

Boxing Cardboard boxes — from jewelry size to gigantic-are great entertainers. Suggest children create their own adventures with boxes. Small ones can be glued together to form sculptures, perhaps with bits of ribbon, buttons or other objects for decoration. Large boxes can be turned into castles, buses or elephants. Markers or tempera paints work well to decorate the outside. Offer assistance, but let your child guide the creations. If you’ve got a group of children on your hands, try our box sculpture activity.

Sewing Sewing is a sophisticated skill. Start young children out with sewing cards. Make your own by using a sturdy piece of cardboard. Ask your child to choose a big picture from a magazine and glue it on the cardboard. When it’s dry, punch holes around the edges of the illustration. Long shoe laces work well, as does heavy yarn threaded through a yarn needle.

For older preschoolers, encourage your child to select either a piece of burlap or nylon net (ask for remnants in stores or from people who sew). You may still need to thread the needle with yarn or embroidery thread.

Some helpful hints (tie a knot at the bottom, poke the needle down, on the same side, poke it back through) may avoid frustration.

Paper plating Try having a midwinter picnic in the living room. Pack up a picnic basket and put blankets on the floor. For activities during the picnic, encourage children to make things with paper plates. If they cut the plate, what shapes do they get (pizza triangles)? They might plan a meal by finding food pictures in old magazines and pasting them on the plate. If they like, use a plate and some elastic to make a mask. Puppets, indoor Frisbees(tm), snowshoes-the possibilities for paper plates are endless!

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