16 March 2009

Cure for hair loss

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What kinds of medications are at this time accessible for hair loss and is it feasible that a treatment for male baldness will soon be found? One thing is well-defined: thousands of men hope so! A cure for hair loss would not only be wonderful for men, it would in addition be a financial helpful merchandise for the organization that discovers it. For the reason of this, researchers are working diligently to find an answer.

Leading researchers have faith that gene therapy will provide the cure for hair loss. Primary research has gave promising results, and most doctors think a cure will be ready within ten years. But what opportunities are available to men at the moment?

Of the merchandise at this time accessible, Rogaine and Propecia is the most encouraging. Minoxidil is the main ingredient in Rogaine and it helps to expand the flow of blood to the scalp; Propecia contains finasteride, which prevent the creation of DHT, the hormone that is causes for hair loss. The majority of men take advantage of both products in combination in order to increase their prospects of slowing or stopping hair loss.

Avodart is an off brand therapy. This powerful medication effectively impedes both varieties of enzymes that make DHT. Avodart should only be used under meticulous supervision by a medical doctor because it can cause several potentially serious side effects. These medicines usually not recommended for younger male as it can cause a decline libido as well as ejaculation disorders.

Hair transplant surgery, while an efficient alternative, can be fairly expensive. It is the most successful method of dealing with hair loss and baldness. Hair transplants have confirmed successful, and are above all suited to male who have not seen outcomes from medical therapy (Rogaine, Propecia).

Another option that has been broadly promoted is the Hair Max laser comb. It has approved by FDA in 2007. The laser comb, works by increasing the blood stream to the scalp. Individual users have reported high-quality results, but the small experiment sizes used in the studies leave researchers skeptical.

Several natural medicines such as Pumpkin Seed Oil are accessible, but there is no evidence of their effectiveness. These methods have a excessive level of placebo effect. The size of the market and the results in research indicate that a medication on the horizon. At this time, though, Rogaine and Propecia propound the best results for the money.

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