28 September 2012

Falling in Love Forever

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Some people who may not feel like they are intensely in love with their future partner think they can find love down the line – after being married for 10, 20 or 50 years. In my opinion, those in this category are definitely a ‘brave crowd.’ They open the doors to their future marriage blindly.

The concept of marriage is a complicated proposition. While many of us continuously look for love, there are other people who actually marry for different reasons: maybe it is loneliness, fear of living life without perspective, sex drive, search for convenience, need for comfort and familiarity, desire to have someone who cares, to please parents by making them grandparents, etc.

I always believed that the idea of marrying without love was wrong. Having seen numerous couples that couldn’t survive on the thin ice of a marriage that was not based on a deep love, I knew that a happy marriage required love, and even the practice of asking and searching for divine guidance. Though many experts say that love is not enough, I wondered, Why is love not enough?

It is such an important step you take when it is finally time to shake out the rose petals from the hair after the honeymoon trip and build a photo wall of wedding pictures — after all this you step back into real life, a life with your partner, lover and best friend. Certainly, it is a very new reality, this life of your own – apart from the parents who raised you. You are going to proclaim your new, before-unknown strength, to everyone.

From now on, you make your own “nest.” It all depends on your ability to nurture or destroy. You start to realize that love is a key part of the equation that contributes to a good marriage. You want to do your best to save it and make it grow. No one can build a happy home without surrounding the love with the “best stones.” It’s a fair amount of work, which results in the best feelings, emotions and events that occur in your married life. And your new home cannot function healthily if it doesn’t stand on a foundation of love and solid principals given by God.

As newlyweds you know the magic of love — when just being together makes you supremely happy. To love and be loved within the security of marriage is one of the greatest pleasures in life. But is it possible to have the same feelings of love for the next 50 years?

The famous poet Robert Frost observed that love “begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” Your love will either progress or fall back. The feelings of love will always require your attention. In just a few years, your love relationship will show how much both of partners have put into it. To “live happily ever after,” couples have to apply wisdom in their relationship as they shape their lives together. The wisdom of life is revealed in biblical principals, and commitment is one of them. Commitment not only demonstrates the love one has for another but proves and preserves it forever.

To preserve your feelings of love, you will need guidance from God. A miraculous principal worth learning is that if we obey God with the right attitudes and actions, then the right feelings will come.

Having moved from the in-love stage to the stage of loving your partner while practicing God’s commands for the marriage, you may discover the beautiful surprise of falling in love all over again many times during the course of a full and happy marriage.

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