15 August 2011

Gain Energy At Work! Post 1

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Many of you out there spend endless hours at work, hunched over your computer. Chances are, you skipped breakfast, swallowed lunch in 5 minutes and ran back to the office for that afternoon meeting. By the time you get home in the evening, you are too tired to workout, so you just go to bed, and repeat the cycle again the next day.

Are you tired of feeling tired? By taking a few moments throughout your day, you can help to re-energize you body, mind and attitude.

Stop Slouching!

Be conscious of your posture while sitting at your desk. Many of you may hunch over your keyboard, or slouch in your chair. Poor posture will diminish the strength and stability of your abdominal, back and shoulder muscles. Try the following exercises to improve posture while at work.
Place both feet on the floor — sit up tall and pull your abdominal muscles in — roll your shoulders back for 15 seconds, then roll your shoulders forward for 15 seconds — then squeeze your shoulder blades together, hold for 5 seconds and release, repeat that 5 times.

Interlock your fingers, and place your hands behind your head — you are still sitting up tall — inhale and open your elbows back as far as you can, stretching the chest muscles, then exhale and fold your elbows in, gently pulling your chin to your chest, stretching the back of your neck — repeat this 5 times.


Get up and get your blood moving for a minute or two. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, maybe even jog up the stairs. By circulating your blood, you move clean oxygen throughout your body. If you have 5 minutes, take a brisk walk through the parking lot with a co-worker. Sometimes all we need is to change our atmosphere for a few moments to feel rejuvenated.

Don’t have time to leave your desk? Try these simple exercises:
Stand up and stand with your feet shoulder width apart — take a deep inhale and reach your arms up and over your head, then exhale and lower your arms down — repeat this 8-10 times.

Stay in the same stance — inhale as you reach your right arm toward the ceiling, and exhale as you stretch that arm over to your left. Then repeat on the other side.

Remind your body that the muscles are long — Reach your arms high over head and lengthen your entire spine, then bend over and place your hands on the floor to stretch out the back of your legs that have been sitting in a chair all day. If you cannot reach the floor, sit in your chair –straighten your legs out in front of you — and slide your hands down toward your shoes.

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