22 August 2011

Gain Energy At Work! Post 2

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Take A Meeting Break

Are you sitting in a long meeting and find that everyone begins to get restless by mid-day? Why not have someone come in and perform a meeting break for you. It can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes, based on your needs and schedule. This is a great way to revive tired minds and bodies. Try these body-pleasing breaks:
Have everyone stand up and begin by stretching their arms over their heads and taking in a few deep breaths.

Let everyone perform spinal twists: stand with feet shoulder width apart and just swing the arms right and left, looking from side to side.

Stretch out the neck muscles by dropping the chin to the chest, roll the right ear to the right shoulder, left ear to the left shoulder, and repeat 5 or 6 times. Avoid rolling the neck back.

Turn some music on, and let everyone know that this is their time to relax and have a little fun. This will definitely wake up the body. Have the group do a silly dance, even musical chairs. This helps to stimulate their minds and relieve some stress from the seriousness of the meeting.

Another option is to play relaxing music, have everyone sit back in their chairs with their eyes shut, and guide them through some visualization and breathing for relaxation.

The possibilities are endless for re-energizing while at work. The goal is the same: get your body up and moving, stretch it out, and try to have a good laugh! When there are days that you do not seem to have the time to do any of these things, make it your goal to drink plenty of water, and eat nutritiously.

Our bodies can become fatigued because of dehydration. A life form cannot survive or function properly without water. The same is true for the human body. It takes energy and fluid to keep all those physiological areas working properly: the heart, the brain, the nervous system and your organs. Try increasing your water intake and see how much better you feel (Aside from the fact you will be moving your body more because of the number of bathroom breaks you will need to take).

Aside from being properly hydrated, your body needs proper fuel. As much as we wish it were so, our bodies will not perform optimally on sugared donuts and candy. The sugar will only provide your body with temporary energy, leaving you even more tired. Bring nutritious snacks to work with you: Trail mix, fruit, vegetable, healthy yogurt or granola. Try to fuel your body every few hours to help keep “the gas tank” full.

Hope this helps – and enjoy renewed energy!!!

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