11 August 2011

Lead A Cumulative Poison Post 2

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The End Result of Lead Poisoning Can Be:
Paralysis of the extremities
Mental and memory disorders
Impotence, reproductive disorders
Liver failure

Lead is a widely used metal in the United States, and accordingly, many people could have high levels in their bodies. Some of the items that contain lead are:
Lead water pipes used in older homes
Lead-based paints
Leaded gasoline
Lead acid batteries in automobiles
Ceramic glass
Lead crystal dishes
Soldered cans containing fruit
Contaminated soil

Making Our Environment Lead-Free
The foil wrappers around corks of wine bottles can leave lead deposits. Wipe the mouth of the bottle inside and out with a damp cloth before pouring.

Avoid buying cans of foods that have been sealed with lead solder; there may be residue of lead left along the finished seam. Look for cans that have no side seams. Watch imported canned foods. The foreign regulations may not be as strict as the United States.

Ink used to print labels on bread bags can sometimes contain lead. Do not turn the bags inside out or use them to store any sort of foods.

Have children wash their hands before eating.

Pregnant woman should not drink hot acidic drinks, such as tomato soup or coffee, from lead-glazed ceramic cups.

Keeps paint chips away from children. Painted surfaces need to be kept in good repair. If older layers are exposed, it may be, in fact, old lead-based paint. Although lead-based, paint is no longer allowed, it stills exist in older homes and apartments. Do not burn or scrape these layers, because you can still ingest the lead. A professional should be used to remove the lead-based paint.

Lead crystal glassware should not be used to store acidic foods or alcoholic beverages. The brilliance of crystal is enhanced by its lead content and is pretty. However, it can leach into foods and beverages. Do not feed you children from crystal dishes.

Old dishes are collectable and desirous. However, they are more likely to have lead that can contaminate our food. They should be used only as decorative items.

Testing water for lead content is advised. A kit can be ordered for testing impurities in water. Your state health department may conduct tests priced very reasonably.

Filters for home water use are valuable. You should allow the water from your faucet to run at least a few minutes before using first thing in the morning.

Boiling water too long tends to concentrate contaminants in water; boil only as long as necessary.

Imported ceramic products may contain lead. The manufactory regulations in the United States are strict, however, they may not be regulated as well, overseas.

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