14 September 2011

Meaning, Function and Creation. Post 3

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Set your drawing materials ready to draw. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and relax to let your thoughts flow. As you become more relaxed, you will experience a different, silent level of awareness. Use this simple meditation to create a deeper state of relaxation and peacefulness in your mind and body.
As you sit with your eyes closed, breathe naturally and let your thoughts flow.

Continue to breathe naturally allowing your awareness to center on your breathing. Do not control or alter your breathing in a conscious way, just observe it. Observe all changes that may happen in the speed, rhythm, length, etc., of your breathing, but do not make any conscious changes.

If at times your attention drifts away from your breathing and you become aware that you are involved in thought dreams, distracted in outside sounds, etc., slowly bring your attention back to your breathing. Some people use a mantra (a word) to bring them back to meditation. I use the word “clear” to accomplish this. Use what works for you; slowly bring your attention back to your breath.

You may find that during your meditation, your focus will change to all kinds of things (emotions, mood, expectations, negative and positive thoughts, etc). This is a natural event; it is the nature of the mind. Gently bring your attention back to your breathing to continue to meditate. Try to meditate for at least fifteen minutes. When you feel you are ready, slowly bring your self out of meditation, gradually open your eyes and you will be ready to draw the mandala.

Drawing Method One

We can derive three basic properties from the Mandala’s many different manifestations, a center, cardinal points and symmetry. A “Center” is a constant in any Mandala. Symmetry can be dynamic or bilateral, well defined or fluid. Cardinal points can be precise in number (North, South, East, West) or may have infinite points. Keeping this in mind, draw a large circle on your paper. Your task is to fill the circle with symbols of your choice. Start in the center and work towards the outside, choosing your symmetry.

Draw whatever comes to mind after your meditation. Draw shapes, figures, things, colors, personal stories, anything that has meaning for you. All marks are what they are and represent your thoughts and feelings. Allow your inner creative spirit to express itself. This is your drawing, your symbols. Do not be concerned with the realistic look of your shapes. Your shapes represent what you wish to symbolize.

An oblong box with four legs could be a fox horse or an elephant, whatever. Stick figures could be people, a triangle, a blue moon, red water, flying cows, etc., anything that comes from your inner thoughts. Have fun with the drawing and be honest with your thoughts. Put them in the Mandala.

If the drawing starts to be a strain or feels like work, STOP, come back to the drawing another day when you are fresh and clear.

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