5 January 2011

Sex and The City. The Shoe Show

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Shoes and sex and getting those feet taken care of. There’s no end to the problems of dating, not dating, and arranging for a really good pedicure. The women from Sex and The City don’t live in the same world we do.

One of the reasons to watch Sex and The City on HBO is because if nothing else, we’ve learned a bit more about love and relationships…sheer survival…with or without men, at this point in our lives. Those women are younger than we are. Bless them. They are not happy.

No matter what age you are, you feel like an idiot if you are single but looking. If you are ‘dating’ someone or looking for someone to ‘date’ or being confronted by someone who wants to set you up for a situation that sounds suspiciously like it might lead to something that we would have to admit is, indeed, a ‘date,’ the possibilities for making a fool of yourself are endless.

• Is this man really available? Is there a white line instead of a wedding ring?

• Why isn’t he taken? Something wrong with him?

• Is this man a wooer, but not one who is wooing you; he just likes to woo. He likes to woo and win, then disappear.

• Did you just drop a clump of hot beef down your own cleavage trying to be brave about chopsticks?


Often, especially after my husband has decided that the evening calls for champagne, and we are mid-toast, I’m likely to clink glasses and say, “Thank you for making sure I don’t ever have to go on another date again.”

I’m so happy not to be out with women friends and wonder if one or all of them (or the old me) are looking around. Checking out the joint, the line, the bar, the confused man in the produce section of the Farmers’ Market overwhelmed by root vegetables.

The four women in Sex in the City are always aware of possibilities, whether at the next table or in the window of a faboo boutique. Their confused lives are combined with hope, irony, bad decision making, and great shoes.


The thing about Sex in the City is that those women all wear slender strapped Manolo Blahniks (around $500) or the equivalent
They are shoe sluts extraordinaire. They look terrific. But how do they do that—walk, glide, prowl, lope along the sidewalks and galleries and restaurants of New York?

Only once has any of the four fallen, splat. And even then it was on a relatively clean runway, as opposed to lurching into a fetid heap of godknowswhat in NYC.

So, despite saying they are lonely and looking, they look to be in top shape, they have great clothes, interesting careers and pretty nice apartments. That they are feeling a tad over the hill in their mid thirties may bother them, but I keep thinking…hey! You can walk without falling and you look great in those shoes. (Read Tripping Over Croutons: The Klutz Report)

It occurs to me what a huge responsibility if one is the wearer of $500 shoes. These are shoes that reveal ones’ heels, accentuate one’s ankles, and show the toes. It means that things must be done to feet that make them show off worthy.

Pumice. Pedicures. Polish. At the very least. So now, we’re adding a hundred bucks to get ready to wear the shoes.
After all. Can you imagine someone admiring shoes then noting that grass stains are under a couple of toenails? That someone’s heels are…..hard.

Is that a corn? one fashion maven gasps.
A bunion? another well dressed woman sneers.

If you are having Sex in the City and wearing sexy shoes in order to get it, then other things have to be bought.

Rosy Toes (pedicure aroma soak $24)

Foot Patrol exfoliating cream (with aloe and peppermint $24)
Softening Socks (yep. They have a polymer gel lining. Is that something you realized was a must have, or do you buy your sox in six-packs? Anyway you wear the Softening Socks to bed ($44) after you’ve put on Softening Sock Salve (with eucalyptus oil $22) How sexy can that be?

Paraffin Bath (regular sloughing with a loofah and washcloth in the tub is nary enough if you are going to take your feet out on the town. $60 to soak while you go at your eyebrows with a tweezers for a half hour or so)
I figure close to $150 dollars to get those feet in shape at home before slipping into those shoes.

All of which makes me tired. And glad that I can watch Sex in the City, without having to get really involved. Glad that my husband, who is just my height, doesn’t yearn for me to wear high heels. Glad that I can wear sneakers (under $50) almost every where I go in the life I’m living.

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