15 May 2009

The Best Ways to Whiten Teeth

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A lot of people waste a bunch of money on teeth whitening treatments, selecting the most popular and scientifically advanced ways available to make sure they get their teeth the shade they want in the shortest amount of time.

Teeth whitening systems strive to lighten teeth which are stained or eliminate the stains that have accumulated on your teeth through the years. As you think about the many teeth whitening choices out there, you have to be certain that the choice you select won’t harm your teeth by stripping away or weakening your tooth enamel. While not all teeth whitening procedures are the same in effectiveness, any procedure which is completed properly will certainly remove discolorations and brighten your teeth.

If you want whiter teeth, you might want to have them bleached. If you utilize this method of teeth whitening, you gums must be protected by a moldable tray. By using this, only your teeth will be affected and you will not be at risk by ingesting the teeth whitening agent.

One of the most important ingredients found in these sorts of products is hydrogen peroxide. It works in conjunction with the other ingredients to remove stains on your teeth. By trying this kind of teeth whitening product, you could notice a big difference in your teeth in only three or four weeks. Other adequate teeth whitening procedures also exist to produce quite wonderful results in a few days. These are types which are usually placed on your teeth prior to bedtime and then rinsed off after you get up.

However, if you want a much faster solution to teeth whitening, you may decide to go for professional treatments. One of the most popular ones is laser treatment. These are expensive but the effects they generate are immediate and long lasting.

When you use laser treatments for teeth whitening, a professional will apply a special gel onto your teeth. Your gums will be safeguarded with a unique rubber guard. After this, a laser will be used, which will activate the ingredients in the gel. As soon as the teeth whitening laser procedure is finished, your teeth could be up to six shades whiter. This procedure is one of the best teeth whitening options for those who can afford the price.

However, not everyone is able to undergo this kind of teeth whitening procedure. You must let your dentist perform a total examination of your teeth and decide whether you are an appropriate candidate for the laser teeth whitening treatment. If your dentist thinks you are a good risk for teeth whitening by laser, be advised that right after the procedure, your teeth will be extremely sensitive. A lot of individuals find this excessively agonizing although it will probably only last about three days.

While you maintain a good regimen concerning your teeth, the results of laser teeth whitening treatment should normally last about three years. Your dentist will advise you on what foods and drinks to avoid and anything else you should stay away from.

Bleaching and laser procedures are only a few of the teeth whitening alternatives available for people to achieve a healthier smile full of whiteness and brightness. Many of the treatments are quite expensive. Despite that,  these treatments can be depended on to produce optimal results for people to receive the kind of smiles they desire.

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