24 April 2012

The G-Force in Politics

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Everything happens for a reason. And so it is with this year’s presidential race, in a world increasingly driven by the wonders of science and technology, material wealth and acquisition, that our spiritual selves have been brought front and center by political candidates on the right, left and center who, virtually daily, invoke the power of God in their lives. I’m calling it the G-Force.

From George Bush and Dick Cheney to Al Gore and Joe Lieberman, it is God who is being acknowledged, praised, invoked and thanked for everything from the “miracle” of Senator Lieberman’s nomination to the strength for moving forward and creating change.

This is as it should be, I think, and long overdue in public life. A combination of forces — from the trend to an increasingly secular society to the “politically correct” interpretation of separation of church and state that has banned prayer at the beginning of school — has led many Americans away from the path of God. The “cool people” make fun of traditional religious values and virtues such as faith, devotion, piety, even obedience and loyalty, kindness, compassion and its outward manifestation, charity. But the rest of the American people are more than ready to rediscover those values and virtues and to talk about them openly. And it seems that the political candidates were chosen appropriately for this moment.

George W. Bush is a born-again Christian who takes his faith very seriously. Dick Cheney is a pious, serious man who invokes God as naturally as he invokes his conservative beliefs. Al Gore often sounds like a Tennessee preacher when he thanks God for his blessings and Joe Lieberman, an orthodox Jew, lives his faith daily, even keeping his Sabbath holy.

Leaders lead by example. There could be no better example for a nation filled with material things but low on emotional and spiritual fuel than very powerful men taking time to acknowledge that there is a higher power that guides our lives. This was the message of the Founding Fathers, who invoked God even on something as totally “of this world” as money. In God We Trust, they proclaimed. In the 1960s, as part of a cultural revolution that tossed out the old and traditional and embraced the new and the forbidden, God was declared dead. For a couple of decades, that almost seemed to be true, as music and movies and much of the popular culture led the way in telling us to take what was ours, by force if necessary, to indulge our every whim, to sacrifice our families for our needs of the moment. The result?

A more violent culture, one with a drug and alcohol problem, a distressingly high divorce rate and an equally high abortion rate all these years after birth control has become a relative snap, and a curious emptiness where the happiness so many were searching for ought to be.

God needs to be center stage now. Not as a club with which to beat others, but as the sure and steady force that guided Washington and Jefferson and Lincoln, Florence Nightingale and Jane Adams and Susan B. Anthony, George Washington Carver and Dr. Martin Luther King. We need to rediscover the God in all of us and to spread the word that he is alive and well and living in our hearts and minds, our words and deeds.

Long live the G-force. It will bring real power to the people.

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