30 March 2011

The Great Game of Business Post 1

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It has been proven time and again, by even the largest of companies, that a job is no longer looked at as a lifetime commitment between an organization and it’s employees. In fact, in today’s ambitious business environment we sometimes forget what resource can make the largest contribution to success.

The employees! Many companies have realized that to flourish in this competitive economy, the concept of involving the employees in the very basics of managing the finances of the business might have just a little more basis than it looks to have at first glance. Smart business owners know, that by teaching employees how to “make money” and “generate cash” – everyone wins!

The concept of involving employees in the very success of the business has been referred to as Open Book Management. This approach not only gets employees to think differently, but it gets them to think and act like owners. In an effort to focus everyone’s full attention on whatever issues are mission critical to the economic success of a business; teamwork, productivity and profitability are all intertwined. The Great Game of Business has taken all of the intricacies of OBM and combined them into a succinct, easy to apply methodology.

The Great Game of Business was developed in the early 1980’s by Springfield ReManufacturing Corp. (SRC) as a way to manage the newly acquired, highly leveraged employee owned company. Through the years the application of this philosophy has impacted the stock value from 10 cents/share to over $38 per share/pre split value. The company has also grown from a single entity to a holding company with over 22 subsidiaries.

The principles used by SRC have since been applied in hundreds of organizations from almost every industry: service companies, manufacturing companies, hotel chains, systems integrators etc. CompuWorks a 4 year Inc. 500 company located in Pittsfield- MA, Gasper Corporation, Kinko’s/K-Graphics, IKON, and many others are seasoned veterans of The Great Game of Business /Great Game Coaching .

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