6 April 2011

The Great Game of Business Post 2

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The Great Game of Business utilizes a philosophy which is comprised of 3 modules:

1. Knowing the Rules: When people set their own targets, they usually hit them. Through high involvement planning and business financial literacy training, employees are taught the fundamentals of profitability and are shown that they too can impact the success of the business. At the start of the year a “plan” is developed which outlines the financial objectives for the company. This plan is signed off on by every department and contains a commitment to budgets for everyone. A critical number for the year is also defined (this could be profit, cash flow, utilization rates for example) and finally – – The “game” begins.
2. Follow the Action and Keep Score: What gets measured gets done! Once employees know the expected annual plan for the business , they can focus their attention on what’s most important – driving toward the common goal. Many businesses utilize a weekly gathering (referred to as a Huddle) to update everyone on the progress to date and to educate employees on what the near future and distant may look like. Other companies actually post results in a common area on a “scoreboard.” By following the action and keeping score everyone will know the current progress of the company. Also, by following the action folks will know enough in advance that things might not be going well and will be able to make changes that ensure a more prosperous outcome.

3. Stake in the Outcome: You get what you give. The rewards don’t have to be large and they don’t have to be expensive. Recognition, career growth and even self funding cash incentives can be used as motivators. However, many companies choose to have an incentive program that involves either cash or equity. In every case, employees “win” when the company wins. What better opportunity is there than that?

Although it’s called a “game,” this total management system offers something that no other can deliver. The idea that winning in business is a serious matter – enough so that owners/managers are willing to equip employees with the basic knowledge to succeed. Putting financial information in the hands of your staff doesn’t open up new vulnerabilities, it reinforces a position of strength. Remember, as Jack Stack President of SRC and the Great Game of Business “pioneer” would say, “You can stop one person, but you can’t stop 100.” Gain consensus and focus in your business today. Get your employees concerned about the very issues that keep you up at night….

Currently the Great Game of Business/Great Game Coaching offer services, products and tools to help you implement the Great Game of Business in your company. In addition, value added enhancements have been made to help any business with sales forecasting, budgeting, market analysis and strategic plan maintenance.

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