10 April 2012

The licensing of exercise physiologists. Part 4

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A demand for licensure?

An independent study conducted by Carter & Bentley (1996) examined the demand for licensure of clinical exercise physiologists in the state of Georgia. A survey was developed and mailed to hospital cardiac rehabilitation/wellness centers within the Georgia Hospital Association, members of the ACSM identifying themselves as exercise physiologists, individual and/or organizational members of the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and the American Association of Hospital Health and Fitness, and to all college/university Health and Physical Education departments within the university system of Georgia.4

The survey was mailed to 258 possible employers of exercise physiologists. Fifty percent of the surveys were completed and returned, and 77 (59 percent) of those did not currently employ a clinical exercise physiologist. Fifty (39 percent) were completed with comments and used for tabulation. Two percent of the completed surveys did not meet the requirements of the study.

The study revealed that 1) Forty (80 percent) of the respondents agreed that the state of Georgia should require licensure for clinical exercise physiologists; 2) Forty-one (82 percent) of those surveyed regarded the ACSM as the organization to provide accreditation for clinical exercise physiology programs; 3) Forty-two (92 percent) of the respondents also regarded the ACSM as the organization to provide the certification for licensure; 4) Previous clinical experience should be required prior to potential licensure; 5) Twenty-six (52 percent) of those surveyed recommended a bachelor’s degree prior to the attainment of licensure. However, 25 (50 percent) individuals recommended a master’s degree.

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