10 April 2012

The licensing of exercise physiologists. Part 5

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Obstacles to licensure foreseen

The issue for licensure of exercise physiologists will likely have its obstacles. It is probable that physical therapists, nurses and other allied health professionals would lobby against such legislation, based on perceived “turf” issues. This potential obstacle will surely gain momentum as managed care further impacts these respective professions. Are there a sufficient number of “qualified” exercise physiologists to warrant the need for licensure? Should a licensed exercise physiologist be allowed to “practice” outside a clinical setting? Would the accreditation of college or university curriculums strengthen the argument for licensure? Should the ACSM seek an endorsement from the American Medical Association regarding licensure?

The National Athletic Trainers Association has an accreditation process for college curricula in “sports medicine” or “athletic training,” which is recognized by the American Medical Association. Program graduates must obtain certification through the NATA prior to receiving their state license. Is the prevention and care of athletic injuries any more important than the prevention and care of diseases associated with one’s lifestyle and genetics?

The state of Ohio has enhanced legislation that prohibits the unlicensed practice of dietetics or nutritional counseling. This statute was challenged and upheld by Strandwitz v. Ohio Board of Dietetics (1992, 83 Ohio Appellate 3d 183) and Ohio Board of Dietetics v. Brown (1993, 83 Ohio Appellate 3d 242). The scope of this law seems to discourage health clubs, personal trainers, nutritionists and others from providing nutritional counseling or supplementation. Should the unlicensed practice of clinical exercise physiology be given the same consideration in the future?5

These are only a few of the questions that must be addressed concerning this matter. Additional research is needed to further examine the need for licensure. Future efforts should focus on the scope of practice and educational preparation for the potential licensure of an exercise physiologist. With these answers, then and only then, can we move forward.

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