15 November 2011

Where Will You Give Birth

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Each of us is a unique individual. The birth place that is right for me may not right for you. The birth place that is right for you may not be right for me. If you’d like to read my personal birth stories, please go to Birth Stories – Eastman.

What are the options? There is your every-day hospital, with its labor room and separate delivery room. Then there is another hospital, which offers an LDR suite — this means using the same room for labor, delivery, and recovery.

Then there are birth centers. There are birth centers located on one floor of a hospital. There are free-standing birth centers operated by Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs). And there are also free-standing birth centers operated by Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) or direct-entry midwives.

Homebirth is yet another option. There are some physicians that attend homebirths. Other homebirths are attended by CNMs, or CPMs, or direct-entry midwives and lay midwives. Some midwives have physician back-up, some do not. And some people choose what is called unattended homebirth.

Which is best for you? Read books, research on the internet (here are some of my Favorite Links). Talk to people in your community. Seek out women who have used all of these options. Ask them why, what happened, were they satisfied? Talk with your local obstetricians and midwives — discover their birth philosophies. Tour your local hospitals and birth centers.

As you look around and ask questions, take a moment to close your eyes and try to picture yourself in each setting. How do you feel? Can you feel comfortable here? Do you see yourself giving birth here? Do you feel safe here?

There is no ONE right place to have a baby. There is only the place where you feel most safe. If you can feel safe and comfortable, then you will be more able to open up and birth your baby into your loving arms.

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